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Wild Spirit Passages offers a variety of wilderness retreats to meet the specific needs and goals of an individual or group.

The Wilderness Quest is the cornerstone of Wild Spirit Passages.  It is the full engagement of one’s soul with the natural world – a true crossing of the threshold from one state of life to another.  It is a true death and rebirth experience.

And yet, every immersion into nature, the wild, can be doorway into a transformative experience and a step further along our own unique path of self discovery and a deeper commitment to our own, unique, purpose and calling in this life.


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Soul Encounter Backpacking Trips

One way of understanding our soul is that the soul is the unique destiny, calling, or purpose for our lives.  You could also say that the soul is our true self. If you have spent any time in nature at all, you probably have had the experience of feeling deeply connected with the natural world and that you intuitively feel more alive and in tune with your deepest self.  There are now countless studies, and a number of recent books, that  provide scientific evidence of the healing benefits for spending time in nature.  You might be surprised to learn that some countries recently began offering a medical prescription for spending time in the wild!

Wild Spirit Passages offers Soul Encounter Backpacking Trips (usually from 3 to 5 days) that allow for our reconnection with nature and our true selves.  We have the opportunity to turn off our cell phones and laptops, disengage from the normal, sometimes deadening routines of our lives, and immerse ourselves in just “being” in nature.

Another advantage of the Soul Encounter Backpacking Trips is the opportunity to learn the basic skills and techniques of backpacking.  You will learn or refresh your memory on all the fundamentals that you need to travel safely and comfortably in the wild (whether on an overnight backpacking trip or excursions lasting a week or longer).

In my experience, many people long to experience the solitude and beauty of places far from overrun campgrounds and crowds, that only backpacking can provide, but feel intimidated by everything from choosing the right gear to sleeping in nature and the fear of wild animals.  A Soul Encounter Backpacking Trip will give you the confidence and courage to travel as far from the trailhead as you desire.

It is important to stress that Wild Spirit Passages Backpacking trips are not designed to push you to your limits, nor are they about “conquering a peak”.  These trips are about teaching you the fundamentals of backing while traveling in beautiful places and allowing you the time and energy to appreciate the beauty and connection we have with the natural world.  All that is needed is the desire to try something new and be in reasonably good shape and have the capacity to carry a 30 pound pack (or lighter) for a few miles each day.

The Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel is a modern interpretation of an ancient, indigenous based map, using the 4 directions and the 4 seasons as a template for our own healing and psychological and spiritual development.

This is usually held in a weekend, group camping experience. Our journey around the Medicine Wheel combines lots of solo time in nature interspersed with sharing our stories in Council.

Solo Retreats

Sometimes a person, for a variety of reasons, will prefer to engage in a solo retreat rather than being part of a group. This is understandable and quite appropriate! A solo retreat can range from an overnight to a full vision quest format and every modification in between, depending upon what a person needs. A Solo Retreat is designed in conversation with David and he will ensure that you are safe during your solo time and will hold ceremonial space for you at base camp near where you inhabit your solo space.

Contact David by phone or email to discuss what might work specifically for you!

New for 2018 – Backpacking Trips for Artists and Creatives

Being in nature brings out the creative side of our true self.

Wild Spirit Passages will be offering Backpacking Trips for the Artist Within for 2018.  We will backpack into the wild a few miles, set up a base-camp and enjoy ample time to wander and create – in whatever form you are called to use to express yourself:  photography, paint and brush, poetry or prose.

You will have the opportunity to share your creative gifts with others and discover how all creativity flows from the soul – our true and deepest self.  As with all backpacking trips offered by Wild Spirit Passages you will learn or hone your skills of backpacking and how to be at home in the wild, with nothing but the pack on your back!

Other Programs

Wilderness Retreats offered by Wild Spirit Passages are not limited to those that have been described.

These are the most frequently offered programs, each having its own advantages and appeal to a wide range of interests and populations. However, at certain times, other wilderness retreats will be offered as well, including retreats at established retreat centers, rafting and canoe based retreats; basically any opportunity to get us out in nature where the wild can really get our attention!

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